Hi, my name is Audrey Franklin and I along with my husband, Barry, founded Pure Life, Inc., also known as America’s Green Store, in 1995. My burning desire to educate the public on controllable environmental toxicity that was affecting so many adults and children led me down this incredible path and journey.  I hope to help others through my experience and personal health struggle with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and severe allergies.

I live in metro-Atlanta with my wonderful husband and two children. My third child is now at Valdosta State University, her mom and dad’s alma mater.

Having chosen chemistry as my major at Valdosta State was possibly not the best choice for an already challenged immune system, but having been told that chemistry would assure my placement in medical school over biology majors was a very convincing reason for this choice at the time.

I had no idea that the progressive health issues like migraines, stomach problems, and lethargy would worsen so quickly upon my exposure to laboratory chemicals like acetone and other compounds. I was truly naive at the time having only been in my late teens. I did manage to graduate with honors and receive Valdosta’s Outstanding Senior Award in Chemistry thanks to my dear mother who taught me about natural products for pain relief and healing.

At this time in my life, I still had not made the full connection between my exposures to chemicals like synthetic perfumes and petroleum products to my symptoms. I slowly came to know this as I began my career with CIBA Vision in 1988 at 20 years old when I was hired as a research scientist in their advanced research division. I had decided to take a year or so and make sure that going to medical school was what I really wanted. During my first autumn in Atlanta, suffering severe hay fever, and having to go to the doctor the first month after my move from Valdosta, I realized just how messed up my immune system was. Thankfully, I was taught to only use drugs as a last resort because they are never without side effects. The doctor that I had been referred to listened to my lungs and told me that I would probably need to be on a drug called Seldane for the rest of my life.

In 1998, this drug was taken off the market due to complications. Of course, had I listened to this doctor, I would have been on the drug for ten years by the time it was taken off the market and have bared my first, second, and third child. Thank God I had the confidence to speak up and tell this young doc that if he was able to make such an important conclusion for me in the 10 few minutes that he had known me, I must be at the wrong place or at least have chosen the wrong doctor. No one in their right mind would suggest such a thing to a 20 year old without one question about my diet, my lifestyle, or anything for that matter other than I was very sick at that moment.

My, how times have changed! Today, people are tested for food sensitivities and various airborne contaminant allergies in almost every clinic, and many people now know that chemical sensitivity exists.

Unfortunately, after struggling with such health issues like the severe headaches, my husband and I moved into a ranch home in Lawrenceville, GA that had a furnace with a cracked plenum causing possible carbon monoxide exposure. There was old carpet and a moldy crawlspace that the inspector never mentioned. The mold looked like white sap coming from the wood to us. We were first time home buyers with so little knowledge about air quality. Again, my, how times have changed!

After meeting an incredible environmental doctor in the Atlanta area to help me with my allergic and very sick first child, I truly began to understand the connection between our health and our environment. I am thankful that I left that first pediatrician’s office, with the same thought I had six years prior for myself, to find this incredibly rare doctor who was ahead of his time as a holistic practitioner.   He became a true mentor of mine and changed my whole thought about health in relation to our environment. This now retired doctor of 15 years had no idea what a significant part he played in my life and my career until he recently called our office for some advice on natural paints for a friend opening a green restaurant. What a surprise when he realized it was me on the line. I had the opportunity to thank him for what he had done for me and my family when I brought my first child to him. I managed to avoid three prescriptions given to my 18 month old daughter the previous day when I left that pediatricians office and found this wonderful doctor.  I was thankful again for having had the confidence to ask questions and refuse such aggressive treatment for my young child.

This doctor treated her with natural serums for dust mite allergy and she was better by the next morning. How enthused I was and equally bewildered by the lack of knowledge of most doctors in our standard medical care!

I was reminded again that regular medical school would not have worked for me. I’m not even sure I would have made it past the interview. The birth of my wonderful first child had halted my entering graduate school in 1991 where I had been accepted into Georgia Tech’s accelerated three year Masters/PhD program in environmental chemistry. That too must have been a blessing in disguise. My thought of environmental work was quite different from what the degree would have offered, and this fragile being would have been traveling to clean up sites and experiencing a whole new level of contamination and toxicity. I do count my blessings every day and can easily say “things must happen for a yet-to-see reason”.

I have spent the last 15 years helping others understand the connection between not just what they eat, but equally important, the environment they are exposed to.

I hope this personal summary helps our customers understand why I am so committed to helping them with their health and giving them the answers they may need to live a vibrant healthy life. So many people consider what they eat everyday and don’t give a second thought to what they breathe.

I want to make sure that what my family and I endured and worked so hard to find answers to will always be readily available to others so that years of suffering may be prevented.

Thank you for allowing America’s Green Store to be of service to you and your family. We hope that you enjoy the natural and organic products we have to offer.

Sharing in Health,

Audrey Franklin